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Grape’s after blocks don’t allow you to modify response text or status code [#200]. So how can you wrap an API response?

Define a Rack middleware and mount it in the API. Here’s an example of a decorator that wraps any body and resets the status code to 200.

class ApiDecorator
def initialize(app)
@app = app
def call(env)
status, headers, bodies = @app.call(env)
bodies = bodies.map do |body|
{ :body => body, :status => status }
[200, headers, bodies]

class MyApi < Grape::API
use ApiDecorator
get :ping do
{ :ping => "pong" }

You can see a working sample with API_v4_Decorator mounted in API_v4 in https://github.com/dblock/grape-on-rack.

This works with all kinds of Rack applications, not just Grape.