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NASDAQ: CTO Summit Interview

#CTOSummit LIVE: Daniel Doubrovkine, CTO Artsy

#CTOSummit LIVE: Daniel Doubrovkine, CTO Artsy

Posted by Nasdaq on Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Techcrunch: Harmony Space wins top prize at MIT Hacking Arts for music learning app that feels like Pokémon GO

Artsy CTO Daniel Doubrovkine, who participated on the judging panel for the Hacking Arts 2015 and 2016 Hackathons, said emphasis had shifted from virtual reality to augmented reality from 2015 to 2016 at the hackathon.

This years’ participants had been very music-focused, with about half of the finalist teams incorporating sound design into their projects in some way, he said. Surprisingly, in a year when the Echo became mainstream, no finalists used voice recognition or voice control in their projects.

The CTO said he was inspired by the prototypes built and demonstrated at the event, but would advise teams to be even more experimental in their work at school and on these projects.

“People are always looking for purpose first. But we find purpose sometimes accidentally just through developing wild ideas,” the CTO said.


W Magazine: Who’s Who: Internet Art

Artsy in W Magazine

The Internet is the ultimate blank canvas. W salutes some of the enterprising teams stretching the boundaries of the art world online. 

L’Hebdo: New York: Vers Quel Nouveau Rêve?

De plus en plus d’artistes, de cinéastes et d’écrivains fuient la Grande Pomme pour s’installer à Detroit ou à Los Angeles. Dans le même temps, la ville se transforme en Silicon Valley de la côte est, notamment avec la création d’un campus technologique sur une île au large de Manhattan.


The Verge: The Swift effect: Apple’s new programming language means way more iPhone developers and apps

Swift seems like it finally gives the developers in the iOS world the ability to do the things you have been able to do in the scripting world but without the penalties,” says Daniel Doubrovkine, the head of engineering at Artsy. “That’s if it delivers on its promises, and others have promised and failed. But the fact that Apple is behind it gives me a lot of hope its the real deal.”techc


New York Times: New Cornell Technology School Tightly Bound to Business

“By the time they’re graduating and they’re looking for a full-time job, it’s too late to get the best ones,” said Daniel Doubrovkine, Artsy’s head of engineering. “We want to reach the best ones very early, and we want them to experience the real world of a technology company while they’re still in school.”


New York Times: Online, a Genome Project for the World of Art

The technical complexity is outweighed by the curatorial challenges. “We learned that the data matters much more than the math,” said Daniel Doubrovkine, 35, who is in charge of engineering at Art.sy. “How are you going to pick something that shows ‘warmth’ with a machine? We’re not.”

Harvard Business Review: Smart Social Media Helps Jobs Find You

By displaying strong Internet portfolios of their work, it’s easier for the best talent to get hired, simply by waiting to see who emails or phones. Last July, software engineer Daniel Doubrovkine of Art.sy urged job seekers to display their coding skills on Github, a repository of open-source software projects. His post, “Github is Your New Resume,” attracted 50,000 visitors.

New York Times: Open Source Science Fair

Open source is for all of us. Open source is the best way to write software.

Observer.com: Ruby Instructor Open Sources Ruby Curriculum


Wired: Art.sy’s ‘Genome’ Predicts What Paintings You Will Like

On a Balmy summer day in Manhattan, the founder of a web startup called Art.sy was about to experience what one might call an Alexander Graham Bell moment. The firm’s 25-year-old CEO, Carter Cleveland, was sitting on a sofa with his MacBook, scrolling through photos of fine art, when his lanky head of engineering walked in looking positively wobbly with excitement. “This is actually quite cool,” he said, landing on the sofa next to his boss. The engineer, Daniel Doubrovkine, produced a phone and pointed its camera at Cleveland’s computer screen, which at that moment showed an image from Andy Warhol’s Flowers series.

The two men leaned in close to watch. A few seconds passed. Nothing happened. “This thing is still a memory hog,” Doubrovkine muttered.

Suddenly, the phone completed what to a visiting journalist seemed like a miraculous set of connections.

Business Insider: The Sexiest Programmers Alive!

Observer.com: Art.sy’s Carter Cleveland Represents Generation Open Source

Observer.com: That $2,800 Ruby Class That Had NYC-rb in a Huff? It’s Already Sold Out

Observer.com: Ruby Developers Offended by $2,800 Ruby Class