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Daniel Doubrovkine

aka dB., @awscloud, former CTO @artsy, +@vestris, NYC

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I speak frequently on topics ranging from the intersection of technology and art to people and teams. Feel free to e-mail me with speaking opportunities.

Recorded Talks

Understanding Grape Framework Flexibility (RUBY 617), Ruby Rogues Podcast

OpenSearchCon 2023: Writing OpenSearch Plugins and Extensions (in Python)

Linux Foundation Open Source Summit (Europe) 2023: FORK IT ALL if You Fork It

OpenSearchCon 2022: Hundreds of Terabytes of Data

Building an Open-Source Engineering Brand, Austin CTO Summit ‘19

The Future is Art, Christie’s Art & Tech Summit: Exploring Blockchain, London

How Art Will Make Us Human, State of the Art Podcast

Technology, AR and Artsy, in Conversation with Andrew Russeth, ArtNews Magazine Editor, for Brunchwork

Mass Appeal: Tech’s New Role in Art Collecting + Fundraising - a conversation with Kickstarter Soraya Haas and Sotheby’s Noah Wunsch, moderated by Christine Kuan at Sotheby’s Institute.

Artist Marc Gumpinger and Artsy CTO Daniel Doubrovkine, moderated by HG Contemporary gallerist Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, discuss the past, present, and future of art and technology during the “Contemporary Art in a Technology Driven World” panel, New York, October 28, 2017

Artsy Overiew for Coalition for Queens and Q&A

Worlds Fair Nano, San Francisco, January 28th, 2017

#CTOSummit LIVE: Daniel Doubrovkine, CTO Artsy

#CTOSummit LIVE: Daniel Doubrovkine, CTO Artsy

Posted by Nasdaq on Tuesday, November 1, 2016

CTO Summit @ Nasdaq, Live Interview, 2016

CTO Summit at NASDAQ
CTO Summit @ Nasdaq - Inspiring Team Leads to Give Away Their Legos, 2016

Storage Wars at DataLayer
DataLayer - Storage Wars: The Art Genome Project, 2016

Taking Over Open Source Projects at GoGaRuCo
Taking over Someone Else’s Open-Source Projects Golden Gate Ruby Conference, San Francisco, 2014

Mentoring Humans and Engineers at QCon
Mentoring Humans and Engineers QCon, New York, 2014

Building and Scaling a Test Driven Culture at AppNexus
Building and Scaling a Test Driven Culture AppNexus Engineering at Scale, New York, 2013

Your First Slack Bot Service at NYC Slack Meetup
Your First Slack Bot Service: Recorded at the first inaugural New York City Slack Meetup in March 2016.

Becoming Open-Source By Default at Artsy
Becoming Open-Source by Default: Recorded for the Artsy offsite in August 2015.

CTO Cast #6, Подкаст о технологиях, процессах, инфраструктуре и людях в IT-компаниях: on Open-Source, in Russian. Also “Оттого что они не пишут open source, они плохими инженерами не стали”..

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