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I’ve taught many people, including my 8yo, how to solve a Rubik’s Cube. I think it’s easy to do with an instructor and very hard to do from Youtube videos. Below is a curriculum for instructors that know how to solve the cube and want to teach a friend.

Most can also figure out how to solve one side and even the first row by themselves. Then it gets harder.

Solve One Side

Teach how to solve one side. I usually show how to move a cube into the right position by “saving” other cubes to the side. I never use drawings for this because it’s fairly intuitive and the student must get comfortable with simple moves.

I let my students practice for a few days on their own, until they can solve one side easily.

Solve the First Row

Teach how to move cubes on the solved side around. I show bringing a piece down, rotating it towards and past its new position, bringing the piece occupying the target position down and rotating everything backwards. Eventually the student gets really good at solving the first row. I never use drawings for this either since the whole transformation is fairly logical.

Solve the Second Row

Place the cube “opposite” to its destination and follow the following algorithm. There’re two versions, from left-to-right and from right-to-left.

Solve the Third Row

Flip the cube and look at the unsolved bottom patterns and apply one of the following algorithms.

Solve the Last Position

When the cube is almost solved, place the full sides on the bottom and on the right and apply the following algorithm to rotate the last 3 cubes.

Complete Instructions

Print out my 1-pager with the above instructions to hand out!