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dynamic sitemap rendered

Sitemaps and breadcrumbs (SiteMapPath) are useful and easy to implement for a static site with a sitemap file. For dynamic sites, something as simple seems to get much more complicated.

When I started reading about sitemaps for dynamic sites, I found a common approach: generate a static site map for the whole website from, for example, a data source. Re-generate periodically. Use the XmlSiteMapProvider. Cache. The technique is described in this CodeProject article.

This doesn’t work for my site at all. I need to provide a site map for a large number of pages, potentially hundreds of thousands. The site is deep and dynamic, and only a small unpredictable set of pages is accessed frequently. There’re also two hundred different object types in the back-end database which is not coupled with the user-interface at all. Querying everything once is not trivial. Generating an accurate site map for the whole site would take too long, would be a lot of code, and would definitely take too much memory to cache.

My CodeProject Article demonstrates a simpler and practical solution chosen.