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Daniel Doubrovkine

aka dB., @awscloud, former CTO @artsy, +@vestris, NYC

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Before I start writing anything serious here, I got to get some credibility :)

My name is Daniel Doubrovkine, aka dB. I’ve had a blog (www.dblock.org) since 1994 or something like that and I’ve been in technology for slightly longer than that. I’ve founded several companies, worked for The Evil Empire for five years and several other businesses since.

Today I am Development Manager of Products at Application Security Inc.. I have a team of three dozen people shipping two products: AppDetectivePro and DbProtect. I contribute to a variety of open-source projects as well on my free time and have posted a few articles on CodeProject.

I also have a rather large pet project, FoodCandy - a food social network with thousands of members. FoodCandy is powered by SnCore, a social networking SDK that I wrote from scratch.

In this blog you’re going to find interesting articles about technology that I am involved with. Some might help you in your tasks.

Update (2015-2017)

A lot of things have changed since I wrote this. I sold FoodCandy years ago. I no longer work at AppSec, been CTO of Artsy for a few years. All my code is now on Github. Check out the updated about page for more recent details.