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I am in the process of migrating a 3rd project from some SVN repository to CodePlex. I do love it, despite some performance concerns, which I am sure will be addressed eventually. I used Toolbox, an internal Microsoft project, a lot. CodePlex must have learned something from Toolbox since I like it so much. But back to the real world, I am moving DNI (dotNetInstaller) from the clunky SourceForge.

I tried to do it the “rigth way” with svnsync, but CodePlex doesn’t support editing revision properties and setting the zero revision. This is also a rather heavy requirement in general unless you’re truly synchronizing a repository. In my case I don’t care enough to preserve the revision numbers, I just want to replay the changelog in another repository, and I’d like to skip a few revisions. This is sometimes called _reflection _(find sdreflect on Toolbox :)).

For the first two projects I had migrated, I only had a handful of revisions, so I did an svn export for each on top of the previous one and commited the changes with the same log message. I had to manually svn add/delete the files. DNI has 136 revisions in the past couple of months only, so it was time to find a tool to do that. There’s a Python svn2svn tool that claims to do the work, but it gave me a rash after Python refused to run it on my Windows Vista. I guess my problem is that I’m trying to do things easily.

Someone has to do the work, so please welcome my new svn2svn project, https://web.archive.org/web/20091227022713/https://www.codeplex.com/svn2svn. It implements what I need, but I am sure many people will want more options.

  • supports copying across repositories
  • no zero-revision requirements, this is a change replay tool
  • supports non-rooted paths (copy a subtree towards another subtree)
  • supports add/delete/modify
  • optional revision range
  • simulation mode
  • prompts on commit

Alpha build on it’s way.

Update (2015)

Svn2svn now lives on Github.