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I was reading Raymond Chen’s “The Old New Thing” on my way home in the NY subway yesterday. I met Raymond once @ MSFT, and he probably doesn’t remember me, but over the last few years I came to realize that I really enjoy his blog. Most of his posts are related to some old or new technology but put in a more humanly digestible context. Hence, You can use Coke as your password, but not a Pepsi one.

So, in a classic tribute I have my own little story. All names are fictional.

Them: My Microsoft is not working. It says my license is expired. Me: When you right click on the little icon on the bottom right of the screen, and choose Help -> About, what do you see? Them: I see “Power Options” and “Show System Icons”, I don’t see Help -> About. Me: Try again, when you right click on the little icon that looks like a little face on the bottom right of the screen, what do you see? Them: Oh now I see Help -> About! Me: What does it say? Them: It says that my license has expired. Me: Buy a new license. Them: Thank you, you’re so helpful.

This thread is enfuriating. I mostly hate when people call software by the company name that produces it. I think it’s the fault of the auto industry after-all, everybody calls their Toyota a Toyota.