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VMWareTasks Library

I’ve released VMWareTasks 1.3 for VixCOM 1.6.3 and 1.7.0.


Release Notes

Build 1.3.27534.0.


  • Added a VMWareComLib and VMWareComTools that expose a full scriptable COM interface.
  • Added a vestris-vmwarecomlib.jar and vestris-vmwarecomtools.jar that exposes a Com4J JNI wrapper for VMWareComLib and VMWareComTools to Java clients.
  • Added support for VixCOM 1.7.0. VMWareTasks works against both 1.6.2 and 1.7.0.

Misc Improvements

  • All VMWareLib.Tools objects are now IDisposable and explicitly release reference to the virtual machine.
  • All assemblies are strongly named and signed.
  • The source in the release package can now be built without any changes.


  • VMWareRootSnapshotCollection.CreateSnapshot doesn’t pass flags to the COM API.

Backwards incompatible interface changes

  • VMWareVirtualHost.ConnectToVMWareServer takes an additional username and password. Pass blank values to connect to a local VMWare Server 1.x.

Update (2015)

VMWareTasks now lives on Github.