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I’ve been either working on ResourceLib on the subway on my work to and from work for the last few weeks or reading Raymond Chen’s “The Old New Thing”. Those two exercises go well together since Raymond talks quite a bit about win32 resources.

ResourceLib is written in C#, enumerates resources and implements both read and write of the file version VS_VERSIONINFO, string resources such as company, copyright and product information, RT_GROUP_ICON and RT_ICON, RT_CURSOR, RT_BITMAP, RT_MENU, RT_DIALOG, RT_STRING, RT_ACCELERATOR, RT_FONT and RT_FONTDIR and RT_MANIFEST resources. It is unit-tested and documented.

I’ve updated the CodeProject article with a lot of implementation details that can’t be found elsewhere on the net and published a beta of version 1.2 on CodePlex.

Update (2015)

ResourceLib now lives on Github.