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We take our custom actions seriously.

This is the second open-source release of our community MSI custom actions and WIX extensions. Here’re some highlights.

  • Added support for SQL error commands and sqlvariant in all ODBC and SQLServer custom actions and extensions.
  • Corrected a number of issues with SQL Server 2000 in ODBC custom actions and extensions.
  • Added Win32_GetSpecialFolderPath, GenerateRandomString, Win32_GenerateGuidString, Win32_IsValidGuid, Win32_ReadFile, Win32_WriteFile, Service_Exists, String_LTrim and String_RTrim custom actions.
  • Added UTF-8 support for template custom actions.

This project builds on years of experience authoring C++ custom actions and Wix extensions for our flagship enterprise product. All custom actions and extensions are unit-tested and production quality.