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Continuing to play with things I don’t need on my phone today. Applying the One Click Lag Fix (OCLF in the Market) was a bit harder. I got OneClickLagFix V2.2+ failed with error: Could not mv playlogos1 to playlogosnow – mv: can’t rename ‘/system/bin/playlogos1’: Read-only file system.

To fix this, I hat to download a Terminal Emulator and remount the system partition r/w manually.

su -
mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/stl9 /system

Run mount without any parameters first to check that /system is indeed /dev/block/stl19.

The lag fix hung the first time on dd (it should only take 30 seconds or so at the most), but worked the second time around after a reboot.

Does the lag fix help? No idea, we’ll see.