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You might think that the only math internships are in finance, and that you’ll learn a ton from a programming internship at a hedge fund. If you’re a recent graduate or an exceptional undergrad, we got two exciting internship openings for this summer at Art.sy.

We are looking for an algorithms intern. You need to be a math person and have some programming skills. You’ll work for our resident PhD on areas of genome search, image processing, color space indexing, machine learning and graph theory. This is a super exciting job and you’ll get to do some real theoretical and applied math.

We are looking for an engineering intern. You need to have hacked together a project outside of the school curriculum and we’d like to see it. You’ll get to write some production code in Ruby on Rails and Backbone.js that talks to MongoDB. All the cool cutting edge stuff.

Most importantly, we understand that your goal is to learn and we’ll be here to teach and help you along the way.

I forgot to mention that there’s an added bonus of working at General Assembly: Friday happy hour with a lot of cool people to meet and mingle with.

You can get in touch with me directly.