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In February 2006 I wrote: “I am going to work on foodcandy.com full time for a bit …”. I spent three months at a café on the Lower East Side building the site. It was the second food social network online as far as I know. The same month I lost a bet to my friend Dan at Biznik, the latter got 300 users, first. FoodCandy then had some amazing press, including Gothamist, USA Today, Slashfood, New York Magazine, HaAretz, Bon Appetit and the Times of India. I was even interviewed on the radio. In the meantime I got a full time job, thinking that I’ll be able to continue building on the early successes of the site on my copious free time. It worked for a while, at its height in 2007 FoodCandy had 200’000 unique visitors and over two thousand registered users. The truth is I failed to capitalize on this early success, failed to find a business partner and couldn’t pull it off by myself. Eventually FoodCandy just became my pet project and finally it fizzled.

I want to thank the 3432 registered users for your patronage during all those years. It’s time to pull the plug.

I am selling the site for scraps on FlippA. Click here for the listing, there have been a few decent bids and it expires soon. Here’s what you get.

  • foodcandy.com
  • foodcandy.net
  • babyfoodcandy.com
  • babyfoodcandy.net
  • dailyfoodcandy.com

You can have the software, the data and even the server if you would like. I think it’s a great opportunity for someone who wants to create an online media presence for a business of food.

Update (2015)

I ended up selling FoodCandy to a British company. I am no longer affiliated with it.