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This is somewhat of a continuation of the unexpectedly popular story of my commute and the unofficial guide of moving to New York for software engineers.

Many of my fellow software developers are now running scared refusing to sit at their desks. Sitting causes high blood pressure, cholesterol and has been proven lethal in this rather serious article in the New York Times. We now see how death from sitting is affecting our profession and why it’s cited as the second cause of the rapid decline in tax revenues in the State of California.

While my team is mostly known for experimenting with new software technologies, we’re also learning avant-garde standing techniques. Our work pods provided by GeneralAssemb.ly, voted coolest place to work by NAMBLA, is now offering additional vertical space for so-called stacked up desks, allowing you to stand on the floor, chair or table. Here’s what one of our work pods looks like.

2011-07-11 18.03.50

Since introducing this 3-level setup we’ve noticed a rapid decline in bug counts and increased productivity by the development team. Try this in your office.