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This thread just popped up on the MongoDB users list: [JOB]Full time Developer w/ MongoDB experience for a Fortune 1000 client in NYC!.

The moderator is wondering whether people want to see job postings on the list. I think we do, but not this kind.

We’re on a technical mailing list that helps a community of engineers around an open-source product. I am happy to see job postings on this list that follow simple rules. For a MongoDB mailing list that would be as follows.

  1. The job listing must include the name of the company that is hiring. A Fortune 1000 company is like a sandwich. Would you like a sandwich for lunch? Hmmm. What’s going to be in my sandwich? And when was my sandwich made?
  2. Job postings must come from a hiring manager, not a recruiter, no exceptions. Recruiters never use the list for it’s intended purposes – a recruiter is not interested in MongoDB, he’s interested in making money by referring candidates. I’d only want to see job postings from managers or developers with whom I’d like actually like to have a conversation about how they use MongoDB – at least they are interested in working with the best people and professional networking is appropriate use of the list.
  3. The job posting must be related to MongoDB. Don’t post Erlang or Scala jobs just because it’s also “cool” technology. Don’t post a PHP developer job because you happen to use MongoDB. The actual contents of the job above was rather appropriate, except for the two points above.

Please note that I don’t think recruiters are evil. They provide valuable services to both companies and candidates. But good recruiting takes hard work, time and social skills building relationships over a long period of time – something that justifies a 25% ticket from your year’s salary upon hire. In contrast, what’s the definition of sending an e-mail to 800 people because you have their e-mail address and think they are in your target demographic? Spam.