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If you’re like me, trying to Migrate SVN projects on CodePlex to Github, the automatic import will timeout. This is not some kind of conspiracy. This is because CodePlex SVN is a proxy to TFS and revisions don’t start at zero. In order to migrate a project, figure out what your first commit was and specify it in –r in git svn clone. This is discussed more in detail here.

Usernames in authors files start with SND\, so mine is SND\dblock_cp. These are domain usernames or something like that. Finally run git svn clone. This is what I did for Log4jna.

git svn clone --authors-file=../authors.txt -r 57472:HEAD https://log4jna.svn.codeplex.com/svn log4jna

I used to be a fan of CodePlex in its early days. I have about a dozen projects on it now. So why am I moving something off CodePlex to Github? It’s mostly because of comments like the one from the CodePlex’s Principal Development Manager (jwanagel) in #20445 and #23350. The latter has been open since February 2010.