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I’ve released DNI 2.0 today. It’s a major release with a new HTML bootstrapper, better elevation support, Windows 8, etc. It has been stable for quite a while now and a few people are using this build in production.


#7968: Support elevation as a subsequent command within the bootstrapper. First UI shows un-elevated, but clicking install elevates. (dotNetInstaller only) #8005: Added a new os_filter type ‘greater than’ (+) and ‘less than’ (-). #6289: Added a new setup bootstrapper, htmlInstaller, driven by an HTML-based UI engine. #6618: Added #STARTPATH, #STARTEXE and #STARTFILENAME substitution variables. #6955: Added #OSLANGID substitution variable, operating system language ID. #6620: Added #OSLOCALE substitution variable, operating system ISO language and region (eg. en-US). #6956: #LANGID and #LANGUAGE are always set to the value in the currently executing configuration. #LANGUAGE may be empty, while #LANGID will default to the operating system value. #6604: InstallerEditor no longer needs a configuration file to link a bootstrapper and the configuration does not need to be saved before creating an exe. #6798: InstallerEditor will display file names when embed files are missing during linking. #4884: InstallerEditor will notice that a configuration file has changed on disk and offer to reload it. #6786: Bootstrapper will return a 3010 exit code when a reboot was required. #6786: Added /noreboot to the bootstrapper to suppress actual reboot when required. Bootstrapper will simply return a 3010 exit code in this case. #7004: The user-defined browse control will always return paths without the trailing backslash except for drive paths (eg. C:). #6730: InstallerEditor displays a * next to field names that are required and displays an error if the user tries to delete the value. #7148: Added support for Windows 2008 SP2 and Windows 7 SP1. #7252: Enabled Visual Styles: modified default manifests with a dependency on Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls 6.0. #7382: Added disable_wow64_fs_redirection at setup configuration and component level to run native x64 Windows applications (cmd, regedit, etc) from dotNetInstaller. #7916: Added MUI support with MuiUser (preferred language set for the user) and MuiSystem (preferred language set for the system) options in configuration lcidtype. #8277: Language selector dialog in dotNetInstaller will automatically select the operating system language if available. #8256: Added /noRunOnReboot to the bootstrapper to suppress actually writing the RunOnReboot registry key. #272583: Added support for Windows 8.

Update (2015)

Find dotNetInstaller on Github.