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One of the frequently requested features in Grape to to automatically reload code changes, much like Rails does (#131). This is actually pretty difficult to implement and requires Grape support where an API::reload! method would blow away all of the mounted features, procs, settings, etc.

For bare Rack-mounted applications we can make our life easy with Guard. Introducing guard-rack, which will rackup your Rack application on change. On a decent developer box this just takes a second or two. The implementation is heavily inspired (aka stolen) from guard-rails.

For a typical Rack application, including one that uses Grape, add guard, guard-bundler (to watch Gemfile changes) and guard-rack to Gemfile.

group :development do
  gem "guard"
  gem "guard-bundler"
  gem "guard-rack"

Create a Guardfile. Watch the folders of your application.

guard 'bundler' do

guard 'rack' do

Run with bundle exec guard. Watch rackup happen every time you change files.

I’ve added this to my grape-on-rack demo.