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After almost a year of active development with 200+ commits, Grape 0.2.0 has finally been released. It’s the code from the “frontier” branch that we’ve been using in production for quite a while.

Grape is an API DSL. If you’re building a RESTful API today, this is a great place to start. Grape lives at https://github.com/ruby-grape/grape.

Here’re the 0.2.0 highlights:

  • Vendor-based versioning
  • Model exposures presentation layer
  • PATCH and OPTIONS HTTP methods
  • API description blocks, reflection and introspection
  • Modules
  • Cookies
  • Anchoring

Grape is a great project. It’s always an honor to contribute to systems written by much stronger Ruby developers. Many of my pull requests would get rejected and Michael would then rewrite the feature with a much improved architecture (API modules is one of those). I feel like I really learned something in this process. Open-source FTW!