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aka dB., @awscloud, former CTO @artsy, +@vestris, NYC

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Download: https://code.dblock.org/downloads/resourcelib/Vestris.ResourceLib.1.4.zip

  • #2: Added VersionResource.FileFlags - @alaendle.
  • Updated solution to Visual Studio 2010 - @redwyre.
  • Added NUGet references for NUnit, NUnit.Runners, and MSBuildTasks - @redwyre.
  • Added more options to build.cmd: code, code_and_test and run_test_only - @redwyre.
  • Documentation rewritten in markdown - @dblock.

ResourceLib is a framework that enumerates resources and implements both read and write of the file version VS_VERSIONINFO, string resources such as company, copyright and product information, RT_GROUP_ICON and RT_ICON, RT_CURSOR, RT_BITMAP,RT_MENU, RT_DIALOG, RT_STRING, RT_ACCELERATOR, RT_FONT and RT_FONTDIR and RT_MANIFEST resources.