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Mongoid 5 has been released. The repository has been moved to the MongoDB organization and is now fully supported by MongoDB, the company. Great!

Gems are being upgraded to Mongoid 5. I maintain half a dozen of those, so I am going to keep an up-to-date list of the gems that support the new version, which will incidentally help everyone find their favorite Mongoid gems to stay productive, much like my 2011 post did.

So far I have added Mongoid 5 suport to two, and it was fairly easy - mongoid-scroll@d398c4e9, mongoid-tag-collectible@5813b77f and mongoid-autoinc@2be7377a should help you add support to other gems.

Since writing this I have also published a mongoid-compatibility gem that avoids redundant version checking code and introduces a thin compatibility layer for things like Moped::BSON::ObjectId.legal?(value) (Mongoid 3) vs. BSON::ObjectId.legal?(value) (Mongoid 4 and 5).

Supports Mongoid 5

Does Not Support Mongoid 5

Some of these gems look dead, so this is your opportunity to help! Please contribute.

Missing a Useful Gem?

Please comment below or make a PR and update this post.