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I got stuck somewhere in British Columbia during the US “bomb” cyclone, with hours to spare. So I decided to finish implementing samples that call OpenSearch with Sigv4 signing in each of the 8 existing language clients.

All these do the same operation: make an instance of a client, query and display the server version, create an index called movies, insert a record into movies for the Bennett Miller’s 2011 “Moneyball”, search for “miller”, output the result, then cleanup by deleting the record, and then the empty index. Note that I have no idea why this specific film was chosen in all Elasticsearch documentation - I would have chosen Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1972 “Solaris”.

My only conclusion from this exercise is that the Go programming language is objectively insane.

client lines of code
go 89
java 80
rust 75
dotnet 68
python 50
php 50
node 45
ruby 44