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You might have heard about the massive controversy about Hudson’s move to Github. I could have stirred a big storm in a cup for the Java Native Access (JNA) project, but instead of I spent a few hours this morning resurrecting it back to some life form on Kenai (JNA-172). It was about time, even people on Habrahabr noticed. I heard from @toddfast who is working on a 3.2.8 release too, so all will be good soon.


The new live JNA url is https://github.com/twall/jna/.

To celebrate the new old JNA, I added a logo. I found this one on the internet, so this is the biggest change. I hope you like it.



I tried the Kenai Wiki and it worked quite well. But we have tons of existing content in SVN, so I created a website in the features section of the JNA project. This enabled Webdav on jna.java.net and a /website/jna/ path into which I can upload files. This is documented here. Uploading files basically brings the old content into the Kenai infrastructure. I used BitKinex to upload, obviously we need to enable an SCM hook (JNA-177). This is the same as it worked on the old java.net.


If you find issues with the JNA site, please create them in JIRA.

Source Control

Check out JNA source code from svn.java.net/svn/jna~svn/trunk.

Update: JNA is now on GitHub.

Famous Last Thoughts

I would pick Github over Kenai for any new project ten times out of ten. Kenai is fairly ugly and feels a bit clunky. It’s a collection of somewhat aggregated services, including decent wiki markup and JIRA. Where Kenai fails miserably is at creating a true collaborative environment around the open-source code, something that Github is awesome at (think pull requests and markdown rendering tightly integrated around code). IMHO those collaboration tools is what makes Github so wonderful! (Note that I still do like CodePlex, so I would pick Github over CodePlex maybe 3 times out of 5 :))

Update (2015)

JNA can now be found on Github.