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Jetty is just another servlet container, so the setup is very similar to Tomcat’s.

  1. Download an extract Jetty. I used Jetty 6.1.26.
  2. Download the latest Waffle, I used a 1.5 beta from https://github.com/dblock/waffle/downloads.
  3. Place the waffle-filter demo app contents into webapps\waffle-filter.
  4. Place all Waffle JARs into Jetty’s lib directory.
  5. Start Jetty with java -jar start.jar.
  6. In Internet Explorer, choose Tools , Internet Options and add http://localhost to Local Intranet in the Security tab.
  7. Navigate to http://localhost:8080/waffle-filter, you should see the logged in page with all kinds of logged in info.